Welcome to the Amazon Dolphin Lodge is located within the Pañacocha Protected Forest, (56,000 hectares), a Biological Corridor located in the center – uniting the Yasuni National Park and the Cuyabeno Faunal Production Reserve.

The Amazon

An unforgettable experience

Feel the joy, peace and harmony of Mother Nature.

Pañacocha is classified as a Tropical Humid Forest. Its natural wildlife is abundant in each of its corners. A short list of possibilities to observe includes: 5 species of monkeys (howler, capuchin, lion, barizo, spider), marmots, otters, caiman, of course the freshwater pink Amazonian dolphin and many more.

Every little corner in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon is mesmerizing. Spectacular green landscapes, birds singing and a stunning golden twilight will fascinate you during the daytime, and a beautiful starry sky and nocturnal wildlife symphony will delight your senses at night, making you feel as if you were in another world.

Here only the present exists, and it is enjoyed to the fullest!

The Pañacocha Reserve

The Pañacocha Protected Forest is a Tropical Humid Forest in which we can see species of the Sapotáceas family, Fabaceae, and these have a canopy of a height of 30m. the subdocel reaches up to 20 m with species such as the Morácea Family, Flacourtiaceae, Arecaceae, the understory reaches about 15 m with Laurácea, Flacourtiaceae, and Meliácea families. In animals we can find: howler monkeys, varizos, machines, peccaries, tapirs and the Amazonian pink dolphin.

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Adventures and new discoveries.

A lover of nature and wildlife? At Amazon Dolphin Lodge you will find more than five different species of monkeys, over 380 species of birds, and hundreds of medicinal plants. You will get to know the “Pañacocha Lagoon” and explore different trails in search of the pink dolphin.

Our staff will guide you on a hiking tour along the trails and marshlands of the forest. You will go on canoe trips across rivers and lagoons and will explore beautiful bright-colored species of birds. Our staff will also guide you will enjoy a day in the kichwa añangu community, visit the parrot lick and the bird observation tower.

Our Programs

Learn about the Ecuadorian Amazon from experts

We have for you a wide range of possibilities to learn about the fauna, flora and life of the indigenous cultures that inhabit the area, activities and adventures that are undoubtedly what you are looking for.

Among the most fascinating excursions that we offer to our passengers are: night excursions in search of alligators, piranha fishing, visit to the Monkey Island, as well as sailing in rowing canoes to observe the pink Amazonian water dolphin and many other excursions that will make your visit an unforgettable stay.

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Amazon Dolphin Lodge – founding member of the YUTURI Preservation Group
with over 35 years of a brilliant history