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Amazon Dolphin Lodge

.... welcome to the fantastic world at the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Pañacocha protected forest, a true paradise locate 180 km east of Coca, inside the pristine forest, inside the primary Amazon basin.

Delicious Amazonian cuisine with Amazon Dolphin Lodge

The Amazon Dolphin Lodge offers several kinds of expeditions into the forest: not just short day excusions but also multi-day adventures which can be adapted to your specific interests.

Thanks to our central location in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, our professional local guides, our multilingual staff, and our motivation we offer a hands-on experience of the jungle. We are able to achieve a wide range of possibilities to explore the plants, animals and cultural diversity of the area and provide the adventure that, without a doubt, you have been looking for.

The personal attention that we offer to all of our clients at the Amazon Dolphin Lodge permits us to offer the best combination of experiences for our programs.

Some of the most fascinating excursiones we offer to our guests are: night voyages on the lakes and rivers looking for camain, pirahna fishing, a visit to Monkey Island and many other ways to explore guaranteeing an unforgetable vacation.

We are also always searching for new possibilities to offer the best of this unique and important part of the amazon basin.

Accomodation and facilities:

  • 11 multiple huts (single, double, triple and quadruple accommodations) with private bathrooms and showers.
  • All huts are built with typical materials of the zone.
  • Water is provided the 24 hours in the bathrooms and showers.
  • Electricity is provided through a generator from 18H00 tol 22H00 (110 V.).
  • Each hut is equipped with beds (all beds with mosquito nets), closet, hammock.
  • Each bathroom is equipped with sink, shower, toilet, toilet paper, soap and towel.
  • A big hut is located in front of the lagoon where the passenger will find the restaurant, the bar and a comfortable place to rest.
  • The kitchen staff offers healthy food with a large variety. If the passengers has vegetarian preferences, our staff is ready to offer vegetarian food.
  • The lodge administration offers the passengers a security box to keep their values.
  • And of course we offer you an unfogettable experience on the amazon basin.
The best accommodation in the Amazon with Amazon Dolphin Lodge

Summary of activities:

  • piranha fishing;
  • night excursions;
  • blow gun's practice ;
  • Shamanic experience ;
  • excursions in the forest ;
  • races by pañayacu and napo river ;
  • nocturnal navigation looking caimans ;
  • paddle canoes cruises arround the laggon ;
  • excursions by paddle canoe arround the river ;
  • cruise the laggon to observe the Amazon River Dolphin ;
  • cultural activities visiting an indigenous Quichua's family ;
  • and more, much more ....
Amazon wildlife with Amazon Dolphin Lodge

Do not leave Ecuador without visiting Pañacocha, where all the myths, mysteries and attractions of the Amazon rainforest meet.

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